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date. 2016 - ongoing

A Collaboration with Prof. Monika Buscher and Dr. Luke Moffat (Lancaster University) 

Supported by UK Higher Innovation Fund and Public Safety Communications Europe 


IsITethical? Exchange is a knowledge base, a community platform and consultancy service for creative and participative ethical impact assessment.


More importantly, it is an ongoing research on how to do ethics through design. Our focus is on socio-technological systems and services for the Disaster and Risk Management domains. However it is also a transferable and scalable framework that has been applied and developed for data systems in health, transport, communications including AI and 5G. 

I am also working in a pedagogy for Responsible Research Innovation for postgraduated and undergraduate students using IsITethical? framework. 

  • We have designed Ethical, Legal and Social Implication Guidance for the design, development and test of new technologies. 

  • We have developed a framework of Key Terms and Practice good cases. 

  • We have delivered actionable information and smart criteria KPI for assessment and evaluation. 

  • And we are exploring with different methods and designing creative and participatory tools for engagement and collaboration. These include, Ethical Impact Assessments Kits, a boardgame, workshop tools. 

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