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date. 2020-21

IsITethical? Exchange Consultancy work & Design Research

LINK to Broadway project

IsITethical?Exchange are the formative practitioner evaluation team of the Leonardo Consortium one of the 3 tenders in the procurement process.


As the design researcher lead, I design processes and spaces to connect Leornardo developers with emergency responders (fire brigade, police force, ambulance responders, coast guards, public health practitioners and so on) who may use their 5G technology. Together we develop smart criteria and KPIs, that will be used by Broadway to test all the tenders. We also working closely with the practitioner evaluation team of the other consortia. 

The work focuses on facilitating circumspect reflection and knowledge exchange processes in which practitioners articulate features that are really essential for them, and Leronardo articulates first their design and some of the human and policy related constraints of usability. 

This work started during the constraints of covid, and it is the first time we designed this kind of work remotely, so part of the challenge was how to develop collaborative tools and activities for this setting. We sent materials by post, and designed 3 playful activities that allowed participants rehearse dealogues. 

Next year this will be moving forward into the protype phase, for which I will be designing ethical impact assessment frameworks to help evaluate the prototyped designs.

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