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Dancing with the trouble of AI 

date. 2020-21

In collaboration with Dr. Luke Moffat, Lizzie HarrisonViv Kuh and music by Dave 'Head-cleaner' Williams. 

We have celebrated the ritual at: 

  • Mozilla Festival  March 2021

  • School of Architecture, Lancaster University, April 2021

  • Response-ability Summit, May 2021

  • Arts, Activism and Social Justice Summer School, University of Bristol, June 2021

  • Pivot Conference July 2021 


This is a participatory piece, it is a ritual, to make time to be in our bodies, to dance with the troubles of AI. We are a team of creative ethic-titians working with a performance artist, a yoga instructor and a street dancer to develop a choreography in which each movement embodies an ethical principle for innovating in AI. Inspired Indigenous AI Protocols, Donna Haraway and ritual design, together we will perform a ritual embracing the magical, illogical, delightful and laughable to inspire healthier AI.


We rehearse with our bodies, rituals for anticipating, noticing, and addressing ethical tensions - to nurture a mindset of collaborative creativity and radical care. Beyond the duties of data management, privacy, justice, sustainability and diversity, we aim to support capacities to respond to uncertainty with music, movement and ethical values. 

You don’t need to be able to dance, but you will need video on and space to move.

Notes: In the Covid moment where we find ourselves screenbound and atomised, we are feeling the urge to move our bodies and to find ways of reintegrating embodied ways of knowing, feeling and being together into the way we are working in the digital context.


We are responsible innovation practitioners working at the University of Bristol, supporting researchers and innovators to explore the futures their designs may create with the diverse communities and people these futures may impact upon.


We use artistic, creative and playful methods for exploring issues of responsibility and pluriversal futures. Together we are designing a novel pedagogy for teaching responsible innovation and circumspect reflection in universities, industry and beyond. 

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