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date. 2021 - ongoing

A Collaboration with Faculty of Arts EDI Committee and The Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at University of Bristol  

Sanka.Syllabus is a Reflective Tool and a Game, designed to support people through the  

processes of decolonisation self-audit.


Who can play Sanka.Syllabus? It was created for unit directors in Faculty of Arts. If you teach in teams, play with your teaching team, if not, find a colleague at the department /school and play with them. This game is made to drive intimate processes of reflection and positive change, it’s not made to be public, neither to judge nor evaluate.


Aims and Approach:

  • This is not a tick box exercise; you don’t need to tick all the boxes or answer to all questions correctly. 

  • The aim is to use questions to reflect on your teaching and learning approaches.

  • If you cannot answer the questions in any of the colour categories (see below), you will have an activity to add to your to do list. 

  • You can end the game when you feel that the to do list is manageable. 

  • Avoid creating a to do list so long that it is overwhelming or unrealistic. Big changes are made with small steps!

  • There is a section for beginners and a section for ‘committed curriculum decolonisers’.

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